tubesketchCavin has been performing half his life and has had music in his hands his entire life. See the gallery below. In 2016, he decided to go to Florida Virtual School to perform full-time with his dad Marc.

Before playing Tubulum, Cavin has excelled on drums and 6 and 7 string guitars. He also plays percussion, bass, keyboards, and at one point may have been the youngest One Man Band in the world. See video below.

Cavin is into heavy guitar music (metalcore) and plans on his own band later in life. For now, it’s a duo playing Tubulum and Guitar with Dad, waiting for his younger sister to join the show.


Cavin enters @ 1:45


Inspired by the Blue Man Group, Cavin plays the tubulum, which was built and designed by Marc.

In 2015, Marc built 2 tubulums. The 1st attempt was at wearable version to play with his backpack drum kit but awesome sounding low notes made it to heavy. The second is pictured on this site a lot but never reached the goal of being a One Man Band Rig. Drums, keyboards, and more were not added because the summer fair season started and only the PVC portion was complete. With no rehearsal by either Marc or Cavin, it came out of the truck at the 1st fair and Cavin said: “I’ll play it.” Cavin’s performance became a game changer.

pipe-instrument-formulaNow on our 3rd Tubulum, it’s 204 feet of 2 inch PVC pipe and fittings in 33 notes or tubes. The PVC is mounted through 3 sheets of plywood which attach to a custom aluminum frame welded by our friend, John Welde, who has a bear show. It’s built for easing miking, portability and playability. Here are some pics of the three versions and the equation for the pitch of sound (or air) in pipe lengths.


Cavin’s Music Journey