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The One Man Band and Son and 4GCommunity, pledge $1 to Ronald McDonald House Charities, for each SillyFace captured in photos posted to this page in 2017.  Subject to guidelines below. The record is 130 SillyFaces, at NC State Fair 2014.

2017 total so far: $185 SillyFaces

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SillyFaces of 2017

Jest Fest 17 SillyFace

$95 Silly Faces in the 1st SillyFacePhoto of 2017 at Jest Fest in Gainesville, FL. Special thanks to Ronald and other entertainers who participated.

1st SillyFace of 2017

$1 for the 1st SillyFace of 2017. My 10-year-old daughter drew this emoticon for our logo.


  • For every event The One Man Band & Son perform at, from April to December 2017, we will attempt to capture at least one Group SillyFacePhoto.

  • The One Man Band & Son have to be in pictures for SillyFaces to count.

  • Pictures will be taken near the end of a show or other opportune time.

  • Group SillyFacePhotos will be posted to this page with SillyFaces counted and a year to date donation total.

  • Final say of whether a face expression is silly or not will be judged by Marc’s 10-year-old daughter.

The SillyFace Story

In 2012, I was trying to capture fun photos of shows for promotional purposes. People can look blank watching a show, so I asked crowds to put up hands. At the 2012 North Carolina State Fair, a lady held up her baby (photo to right) which sparked an idea.

In 2013, I challenged audiences into silliness for photos which eventually turned into “silly face photos” because it was the easiest thing to dare the most people into.

By the end of 2013, for fun, I got a pile of photos including a 62 silly face photo (to right) at the NC State Fair with help from Wacky Wheeler, Steve Trash, Fair Staff, and vendors.

In 2014, to up the game, I decided to do a SillyFace Fundraiser and give back to RMHC. We stayed there while Cavin, at 6-years-old, had open heart surgery. The hearts which hugged us while staying at a Ronald McDonald House astounded me. $1,203 SillyFaces were captured in 2014, view photos here.

A great part was the awesome thank you package I received, pictured below.