Marc Dobson is an expert strolling entertainer. He has been a regular performer for the past decade at the Florida State Fair, Nebraska State Fair, State Fair of West Virginia, and many more outdoor events across the USA.

The One Man Band, Marc Dobson - Jan 2019 Studio show

Strolling with mobile Sound Wagon

  • Marc uses planned and improv comedy bits.

  • He seriously plays 9.1 instruments of vocal, guitar with subharmonics, harmonica and a backpack drum kit consisting of Bass Drum, Snare, Hi-Hats, Crash & Splash Cymbals, and Hi-Hat Tambourine.

  • His repertoire works with every age utilizing interactive sing-a-long bits.

  • Using a motorized, self-powered wagon with 2,000 watts of sound allows great mobility through events and even communities.

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