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cropped-OMB-under-500-1.pngPicture the opening of Mary Poppins with Dick Van Dyke as a One Man Band, except on steroids. Marc performs a “musical illusion.” All performances and videos are completely live, mistakes included. Marc is one of a few manually controlled, real One Man Band’s who can trick an ear into hearing a band performance from a solo musician.

Before deciding to become a real One Man Band (in March 2010) Marc made a living and life from performing music and entertaining, solo or with groups, performing everywhere from street corners to stadiums.

Marc’s mission is to define the term ‘One Man Band’ by refining his skills, perfecting his musical rigs, and becoming the most popular One Man Band in the world.



  • Marc’s inspiration to be a real 1ManBand (re)started in March 2010.
  • Drums are on revision 34.
  • Drums weigh 34 pounds.
  • Drums make 14 distinct sounds.
  • All drums are custom built except Trash Cymbal and Hi-Hat Tambourine.
  • Performances are live, nothing is pre-recorded, everything is mic’d and mixed like a band.

The 9.1 instruments:

1 – Vocal
2 – Harmonica
3 – Guitar
.1 – Sub-Guitar (the point one)
4 – Bass Drum
5 – Snare Drum
6 – Hi-Hat
7 – Crash Cymbal
8 – Trash Cymbal
9 – Hi-Hat Tambourine